The ultimate guide to Instagram shadowban

The ultimate guide to Instagram shadowban

What is Instagram shadowban?

Instagram shadowban is a measure the social media platform takes against some accounts for specific actions. When your account is shadowbanned by Instagram, your posts and stories won’t appear in the feeds of your followers and your posts also won’t show up under the hashtags that you put on those posts. Instagram shadowban significantly reduces your visibility on the platform and causes a sharp drop in engagement. Keep in mind that you won’t receive any notifications about the ban, which is why it’s called “shadowban”.

What actions cause Instagram shadowban?

Using bots on Instagram

Instagram prohibits the use of bots, which is why many accounts that use them find that they’ve been temporarily shadowbanned by the platform. To make sure that our clients don’t experience the same fate, LikelyLike uses only real accounts and not low-quality bots like many other companies.

Improper hashtag use

Hashtags are great for organizing your posts and reaching a wider audience of users but they can also become your undoing. Some hashtags become so overused that Instagram bans them and shadowbans accounts that use them. Using too many hashtags can also result in a shadowban.

Using software that’s not allowed by Instagram

While a number of apps that connect directly to your Instagram account for post scheduling, analytics, etc. are safe and approved by Instagram, others are not and you can be shadowbanned for using unapproved third-party apps.

How to find out if I’ve been shadowbanned on Instagram?

To find out if you’ve been shadowbanned on Instagram, you need to ask one of your friends to unfollow you and then enter one of the hashtags you used recently into the search field in the app. If your post doesn’t show up there, you’ve likely been shadowbanned.

How to get rid of the shadowban on Instagram?

Generally, you can get rid of the Instagram shadowban by shopping the actions that caused the ban in the first place. It’s best to stop using Instagram bots, remove spammy hashtags from your posts, or take a break from posting for a few days - the last option is often the most effective solution.