Social media content calendars explained

Social media content calendars explained
Having a clear plan of what you’re going to post and when is the key to being successful on any social media platform. This is exactly what a content plan is used for - it allows you to stick to a strict posting schedule, prepare content ahead of time, and plan posts that tell a story.

What is a content calendar for social media?

A content calendar is a planner where you can outline what posts and stories you’re planning to post on what days on different social media platforms. Social media content plans come in a few forms: they can be created using a large piece of paper and pens, pencils, highlighters, etc., you can create your plan using a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets, you can purchase a magnetic whiteboard calendar for your fridge or you can download one of many social media calendar apps.

Advantages of using a social media content calendar

While many people still post on social media when they feel like it, if you want your profile to really become popular, you need a system. And a content calendar is a great tool for creating that system.

Spend less time on content

Setting aside a certain amount of time to plan out your social media content for the next week or even month allows you to get all the content ready at once, spending a significantly smaller amount of time on the task than if you were to prepare each post and story separately every day. Plus, if you use a content planning app that lets you schedule posts and uploads them automatically at a set time, you can save even more time.

Keep track of your activity on all social media platforms

If you run multiple accounts on different platforms, it can be hard to keep track of all the content but with a social media calendar, you can quickly see what you posted about recently on which website.

Collaborate with others

If you are running your social media pages together with a team, a content calendar allows everyone to contribute, collaborate and be on track about the upcoming content.

How to create a content calendar for social media?

Before creating a content plan, you should take a look at your social media analytics, determine who your target audience is and what content gets the most engagement from your followers. Since it’s much easier to follow the momentum on social media rather than generate engagement from scratch, it’s best to try and post more content that’s similar to what your followers loved in the past. Once you know what your users love, start writing down ideas for posts and stories and when you have a good number of ideas ready, schedule them for different days, write the post content and prepare images or videos to go along.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best social media planner apps?

Loomly, Later, SocialPilot, Trello, Evernote, and Excel are all excellent tools for content planning on social media.

Can I create a social media content calendar for free?

Absolutely! All you need to create a content plan is some paper and a pen or free software such as Google Sheets.