Replying to Instagram direct messages from Facebook

Replying to Instagram direct messages from Facebook
Did you know that Instagram is not the only place where you can reply to the direct messages you receive on the platform? Facebook, which owns Instagram, allows Instagram users to reply to their Instagram messages through Facebook. This allows you to reply to both Facebook and Instagram messages all in one place, saving time and streamlining your social media communication strategy. Here are a few options you have for communicating with your Instagram followers through the Facebook platform:

Reply to Instagram direct messages through Facebook pages

Facebook gives its desktop users access to a unified Pages inbox where you can see and reply to messages sent both on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. If you’re using a mobile device, you can use this unified inbox by downloading the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Reply to Instagram DMs using Creator Studio

Creator Studio is another platform that allows you to reply to Instagram and Facebook messages and comments all in one place. To get access to the messages, just open the Creator Studio, log into your account and click to open the Inbox tab in the menu on the left. Next, choose Instagram Direct and connect your Instagram account to the Creator Studio if you haven’t already done this. To reply to Instagram or Facebook comments, simply press Comments & More.

Frequently asked questions

Can I reply to Instagram messages on Facebook?

Yes! You can answer Instagram messages using Facebook Pages or the Creator Studio.

Should I reply to Instagram messages my followers send me?

Yes, as a content creator, your goal should be to reply to all the messages your followers send you but if you have a large following, you should try to at least view all the messages and reply to the most important and personal ones.

Can I reply to Instagram messages from a computer?

Yes, recently, Instagram added a feature that finally allows you to reply to DMs using the desktop version of the platform.