How does Instagram rank people who watched my stories?

How does Instagram rank people who watched my stories?
Whether you post Instagram stories every day or a few times a month, you probably love checking to see who watched them. And you’re not alone! Most Instagram users love to see who viewed their stories. But there has always been a controversy in the Instagram community when it comes to story views, as people are not sure how the platform ranks viewers. Does it mean anything if your crush is at the top or bottom of the list? Why does the order of story viewers change every time you view the list? We’re here to answer these questions.

How does Instagram rank people who watched your story?

There’s a widely held belief that Instagram ranks story viewers according to how many times they viewed your Instagram profile. So, for instance, if someone has viewed your profile 50 times and a different person has viewed it 40 times, then the first person will appear higher on the list than the second. However, this belief is not true - Instagram doesn’t simply “reveal” your Instagram stockers in the story views.

So if the theory about the number of profile views is not true, how does Instagram rank people who viewed your stories? The answer comes from the product lead for Instagram home, Julian Gutman. He states that users located at the top of the list are actually the people you interact with the most, not the other way around. If you visit someone’s Instagram profile often and show a lot of engagement with that account, then you’re clearly interested in its owner. Therefore, this person will show up at the top of your story viewers list. Additionally, if you frequently check the list of story viewers, then their order will change to ensure that you see every person.

How does Instagram know who you interact with the most?

For several years now Instagram’s goal has been to show its users content from people they care about the most. Back in the day, your feed would have all the posts in chronological order. But today, posts from people you are interested in show up at the top of the feed regardless of the time when they were published. This is possible because the Instagram algorithm tracks your likes, comments, profile and post views, direct messages and even the amount of time you spend looking at each post in the feed to figure out how important and interesting each user is to you. This information is also used to rank people who watch your stories.

Frequently asked questions about Instagram story viewer ranking

How does Instagram rank stories in my feed?

Just like the posts in your feed, Instagram stories are ranked according to how much you interact with the profile. If you frequently view a user’s profile, interact with their posts and view all of their stories, the user’s stories will appear at the front of the story feed.

Can I find out how many times someone viewed my story?

No, Instagram only lets you know who watched your story but it’s impossible to find out how many times they viewed it.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram story after 24 hours?

Yes, you can see the list of people who viewed your story 48 hours after you post it. This means that once your story disappears in 24 hours, you still have 24 hours to see who watched it. Once the 48 hours are up, there’s no way to get that information.