Facebook page not visible to the public - how to fix it?

Facebook page not visible to the public - how to fix it?
Are you wondering why your Facebook business page is not getting any likes, comments, followers, or other activity? Well, it could be due to the fact that it’s simply not visible to the public. In this article, we will discuss a few reasons why this might be happening and explain how to make your Facebook page public.

Your Facebook page is not published

Did you know that when you create a new page on Facebook it’s actually not visible to the public until you publish it? The page is unpublished by default to give you time to set it up and fill out all the information. Once you’re ready for the page to go live, you need to publish it. If you’re seeing a large banner across the top of your Facebook page telling you that the page is unpublished, click the large Publish Page button in the message to take your page live. If there’s no such message, press the Help button in the top right corner of the page, open Settings, and locate the Page Visibility tab. Find the option that states that your page is unpublished, and uncheck the box to take your new business account live.

Your page might be hidden from certain people

If you’re sure that your Facebook page is published but it is still not visible to certain individuals, it might have age and/or location restrictions. For instance, if your page is set to be invisible to people from African and Asian countries and everyone under 18, anyone who has an account that fits under those restrictions will not be able to find or view your page. Individuals who are logged out of Facebook also won’t be able to see your page. To check your page’s restrictions, go to Page Settings, and locate Country Restrictions and Age Restrictions. You can remove or adjust those restrictions if necessary.


How do I know if my Facebook page is public?

To check if your Facebook page is public, log out of Facebook and try visiting your page via a link. If you can still see it, then it is published and visible to the general public.

Why is my Facebook page not visible to the public?

Your Facebook page might be hidden from the public because you have not published it yet or because you’ve set certain age and country restrictions that have hidden the page from users that fall under those restrictions and people who are browsing the platform without logging in.

How to publish a page on Facebook?

First, open your Facebook page and click the Edit Page button in the top right corner of the screen. Next, select Manage Permissions from the menu, find Page Visibility, and remove the checkmark from the Unpublish Page box. Finally, save the changes.