How to delete several Instagram posts at once?

How to delete several Instagram posts at once?

Why delete Instagram posts in bulk? 

Many Instagram users have a pressing need to delete several posts at once: some choose to delete all posts from their Instagram and start a new feed with stylish, professional-looking photos, others want to remove all traces of their ex from the profile after a painful breakup, while many people are simply embarrassed by their early photos on the platform. It really doesn’t matter why you want to clean up your Instagram posts, all that matters is that you can do it quickly and efficiently using tips from this guide:

How to bulk delete posts on Instagram? 

As of 2021, there’s no way to delete multiple posts directly on Instagram. Instagram only gives you the option to delete your profile completely, as a result, all of your posts will also be deleted. However, most people are looking to remove multiple posts at once instead of deleting their entire page. Luckily, there are many apps that allow you to quickly delete several Instagram posts at once. 

Some of these apps are Instant Cleaner, Mass Delete for Instagram, Cleaner for Instagram and  InstaClean.

How to delete a post on Instagram? 

If you need to delete a relatively small number of posts from Instagram and you don’t want to give third-party apps access to your Instagram profile, then you can simply remove photos from your account one-by-one. To delete an Instagram post, all you need to do is find the post and expand it. Then, press the three-dot button in the top right corner of the screen and tap Delete.

How to hide posts on Instagram? 

If you don’t necessarily need to delete posts from your Instagram profile, you can choose to hide them from your page instead. You can archive as many Instagram posts as necessary for an unlimited amount of time. The only difference between deleting and archiving Instagram posts is that archiving posts is reversible while deleting them is not. When you remove posts from the archive, they will reappear in the same place in your feed, with the same date, likes, comments, etc. 

Frequently asked questions about bulk deleting Instagram posts 

Can I hide Instagram posts without deleting them? 

Yes, the Archive feature on Instagram allows you to hide unlimited Instagram posts from your feed for as long as necessary. You can bring those posts back to your feed at any time. 

Can I delete Instagram posts in bulk? 

Instagram doesn’t allow you to mass delete posts, however, you can easily do this with third-party apps like Cleaner for Instagram or Instant Cleaner. 

Where can I find Instagram cleaner apps for my phone? 

Just like all other apps, you download to your phone, cleaner apps for Instagram can be found in the App Store if you have an iPhone or in the Play Store if you have an Android phone. Simply search for the name of the app you’d like to get, press Get and confirm the download to your phone.