4 things you need to do now to protect your Instagram

4 things you need to do now to protect your Instagram

Choose a robust password

There are so many reminders to use a strong password that this advice should be a moot point by now and yet millions of people are still using passwords that can be cracked in just a few minutes. Security experts suggest that it’s best to use a complex auto-generated password and save it using a password manager instead of writing it down somewhere or trying to remember it. If you prefer to create a password yourself, use a service like How Secure Is My Password to ensure that the option you’ve chosen is strong enough to ward off hackers.

Use two-factor authentication

Even though a lot of people dislike using two-factor authentication because it takes up more time than just using one mode of authentication, 2FA is a robust tool that will prevent almost any hacking attempt on your account from becoming successful.

To turn on 2FA on Instagram, open the app, go to Settings and select Two-Factor Authentication. Next, press Get Started and pick one of two options: Authentication App or Text Message. The first option is preferred as dedicated hackers can intercept your text messages fairly easily. If you don’t have any authentication apps on your phone, Instagram will guide you through installing one. Once two-factor authentication has been set up, Instagram will ask you to enter a code from the authentication app or text message every time you try to log into your account on a new device.

Secure your email

No matter how strong your passwords are, one weak link can compromise all of your accounts on social media, various websites, banking apps, and more. This link is your email account. If your email is not secured properly and hackers are somehow able to get access to it, they can gain access to all other accounts you have simply by clicking the “Forgot password” button and then using your email account to set a new password. It’s best to use email encryption or two-factor authentication on all your email accounts.

Check third-party app access

There are numerous online services that use Instagram as a login option. But it’s important to remember that even if you gave a third-party app access to your Instagram account many years ago and haven’t used the app since, the service could still be using your account information, tracking your activity, etc. As a result, it’s very important to think twice before giving any app access to your social media accounts. You should also regularly check the list of third-party apps that have access to your Instagram and revoke access from all apps that you don’t recognize or no longer use.


Can someone read my Instagram messages?

No, Instagram direct messages are private, so only you and the recipient of the message have access to it. The only way to read someone else’s messages on Instagram is to get ahold of their phone or computer or hack their account.

What are the signs that my Instagram account has been hacked?

If your account has been hacked, you could figure it out when you receive an alert from Instagram, lose access to the account or find out it’s been deleted. Also, if you are suddenly following people you didn’t follow before or see messages you haven’t sent, it means your account has been hacked.

Can you recover a hacked Instagram account?

In most cases, you can regain access to your Instagram account after it has been hacked by contacting Instagram and going through their account recovery procedure.