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Some other sites give a 30 to 60-day guarantee but once this period is over, followers can be removed, sending your profile back to where it started
Accounts without fake names or zero posts but lots of followers instead
All or most accounts that our competitors use don’t have a profile picture, making them look very unnatural. Plus, they have strange names, such as “jjjjjjjj”, “qwertyuiop”, “0102923382”, “<蹖乇乇丕蹖乇丕乇賳>”, 0 posts, 0 followers and many subscriptions
Real accounts with an authentic origin that don’t unsubscribe or get deleted by Instagram
After some time (a day, week, month or year) they begin to unfollow you or, more precisely, these accounts get deleted by Instagram itself, as it recognizes the artificial origin of the profiles

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When we state that LikelyLike sells only high-quality Instagram followers this means that each follower we sell is 100% real and impossible to tell apart from other accounts on Instagram. So when you buy followers on Instagram from us, you can expect to see paid followers that have filled out bios, multiple posts in their profiles, names that look totally real and even followers of their own. Even if somebody decides to scrutinize the list of your followers, they will not see anything suspicious.

Since we sell only real Instagram followers, the accounts we use are rarely blocked by Instagram. Therefore, all the followers you purchase from LikelyLike will remain in your profile forever. Even if some small portion of accounts unfollows you eventually, we will give you new followers to replace them.

If you purchase real Instagram followers from LikelyLike, you’re not running any risk of having your account penalized or banned. Unlike other websites that sell likes, we use only real accounts that look identical to your other organic followers. By choosing LikelyLike as the provider of your paid Instagram followers, you’re choosing your peace of mind.

There’s a simple answer to this question - you should buy Instagram followers from us because we provide a better service than other companies. Our huge advantage over the competitors is that we add all the followers to your profile manually - we don’t know of any other company that does that. So while we use real accounts that press the ‘Follow’ button on your profile manually to avoid breaking any Instagram rules and policies and endangering your account, our competitors continue using software to create useless, and at times dangerous, fakes and bots. So when you pick LikelyLike over other websites, you choose safety for your account, as with our 100% legit method for adding paid followers to your account your profile will never get banned.

Another advantage of LikelyLike is our fast delivery. When you place an order, it will take us a few minutes to process it and get everything ready for delivery but after this, you will see the number of followers in your account rise gradually but steadily to make it look like your page is growing organically. We also provide a lifetime no-drop guarantee on all our products - if some of our paid followers disappear over time, we will provide new followers to replace them. And lastly, we have thousands of regular customers that keep coming back to LikelyLike because we have the highest quality.

No, getting paid followers for your Instagram account is completely legal. Moreover, if you buy followers from LikelyLike, you will not be breaking any Instagram rules, terms of service, policies, etc. Instagram will not even be able to tell that you bought followers since we use authentic accounts and manual delivery methods.

No, LikelyLike will never ask you for your Instagram login, password, real name, bank details, etc. when you buy our services. Since our follower delivery process is virtually identical to the way people find and start following you on Instagram organically, we only need a link to your Instagram profile to deliver the likes.

We work as quickly as possible to deliver your Instagram followers. Once you place an order on the LikelyLike website, we will process it and begin delivering followers 5-15 minutes after you complete the payment process at a rate of 300 to 1000 new followers per day. When you purchase from LikelyLike, here’s what you can expect:

  • No drop in followers over time
  • Fast delivery
  • 100% safe delivery method - no need to worry about Instagram penalties

Paid Instagram followers are an excellent tool that you can use to make even a new account popular. In short, buying followers on Instagram can save you thousands of dollars and many months or even years that you would have spent on building an audience in your account. Instead of creating a new Instagram account and starting out with 0 followers, you can buy several hundred or thousand followers, instantly improving your credibility in the eyes of people who come across your account organically or when you buy ads. Paid Instagram followers will also improve your chances of getting on the Explore page since the Instagram algorithm will perceive your account as popular.