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Who are we?
If you have purchased USA likes for Facebook posts or photos on any other sites, you probably noticed the following features:
We have
experience in the field of SMM
Our company, LikelyLike, has been operating in the field of SMM for 5 years
We know
how to help our clients immediately
We have studied all the «advantages» of video views on Facebook
We can
attract a live audience and viewers
We promote your videos and live streams, as well as attract new customers
We guarantee
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Why choose us?

Our competitors use cheats from cheap sites or even bots for Facebook promotion.

LikelyLike works on two principles - efficiency and security. Our customers are not in danger of getting their videos or live streams blocked.


Paid views promote your video on Facebook, bringing new, real customers to your account. Each paid video view from LikelyLike is left by a real Facebook user who has been working for us for more than a year.

What is included in the service?
Increase in the number of video views using live, active accounts
Safe “uploading” of posts with video for their promotion
The ability to adjust the viewing time
from 30 to 300 minutes
UNLIMITED live broadcasts with a real audience of up to 1000 viewers
Boost your Facebook videos with real views
Choose a convenient and inexpensive format for communicating with your audience

Facebook allows users to check who viewed their videos in just a few taps. To see who watched your video on Facebook, open the app on your smartphone and go to the privacy shortcuts section of the app. Next, press ‘Who viewed my profile?’, tap ‘New posts’, find the video in question and browse through the list of its viewers. You can also check video metrics to get a deeper understanding of your viewers’ demographics.

No, when you buy services from LikelyLike you get exactly what you’ve paid for. For example, if you purchase 1,000 video views on Facebook, that’s exactly what you will receive. Unfortunately, people who view your video will not like it or comment on it. But you can always buy video likes and comments separately from LikelyLike. At the same time, your Facebook profile will get a lot of exposure on Facebook as a result of the increase in the number of views. This usually leads to the increased organic growth of the profile, allowing you to get more views, likes and comments organically.

Since we deliver video views manually, you only need to provide us with a link to the video where you want the views to be delivered.

No, buying Facebook views on LikelyLike is completely legit and safe. We can guarantee this because all the videos are viewed manually by our staff, so there’s no difference between paid views you buy from LikelyLike and real views left by your Facebook friends and followers.

Unfortunately, no, our system will not allow you to spread video views from one package between different videos. If you want to get paid views on multiple videos you will need to buy a separate package for each post.

On this page, you can purchase paid Facebook video views from LikelyLike at an affordable price.

No, if you buy views from LikelyLike your profile will not be in any danger of becoming blocked. We can guarantee this because to add every single view to the video in your account, a member of your team manually views the video. As a result, each paid video view from LikelyLike is indistinguishable from other organic video views both to Facebook and to other users. This means that when you use LikelyLike, you’re not violating any tiles and policies. Plus, all the client information is stored on secure servers to ensure that your order information stays private forever.

We take your privacy extremely seriously, which is why we can be certain that nobody will ever find out you bought Facebook video views, unless you tell someone yourself, of course. We use only real Facebook accounts to leave views, so not even professionals can distinguish paid views from real ones.

The total amount of time it will take us to complete your order will depend on the number of views you order. However, you can expect to start getting paid views on your video two to six hours after ordering them.

Yes, you can purchase paid Facebook views for any video on the platform as long as its privacy setting is set to ‘public’ and there are no geographic or age limitations on who can view the video. However, you should remember that some videos on Facebook are not hosted on the site but shared from YouTube and other platforms. We can only add views to videos hosted directly on Facebook.

When browsing Facebook using the mobile app, you can get the link to the video by tapping the ‘Share’ button located underneath the video and pressing ‘Copy link’. If you’re accessing Facebook using your computer browser, you need to locate the video, right-click on it and select the ‘Show video URL’ option from the menu that pops up. Finally, copy the link and paste it on this page.