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Other Facebook like sellers provide a poor quality service
If you buy Facebook post or photo likes from other websites, you
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Poor profile quality
The profiles of people who leave likes don’t look real - they have strange names and lack profile pictures
Most likes don’t look real
Up to 90% of likes come from users in India and Arab countries, which is unacceptable for clients from Europe or the US
Slow and unreliable service
Instead of getting your paid likes quickly, you suffer delays in order fulfillment and have to deal with slow and accommodating customer service reps
No guarantees on how long the likes will stay in your account
Facebook quickly recognizes and deletes paid likes from other providers and sellers don’t accept responsibility

Last year, we realized that the old way of selling Facebook likes simply wasn’t working anymore and began growing our Facebook user database and developing a manual process for delivering likes, followers and comments. Today, this manual delivery process is our biggest advantage over dozens of competitors who still deliver paid likes automatically.

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Get paid Facebook likes at an affordable price without risking your Facebook account. Make sure your post is visible to the public and the ‘Like’ button is active before placing the order.

Yes, you can place as many orders as you want and all the likes will be delivered to the post of your choosing without mistakes or delays.

No, unlike many other companies, we don’t use hacking tools or bot software to deliver likes, so we don’t need your login or password. Just give us a link to your Facebook post, video or photo and we will deliver the likes.

No, if you buy worldwide, VIP or US likes on Facebook from LikelyLike you will only get the likes you’ve paid for. If you want to get more comments on your Facebook posts, videos or photos, you can buy a separate comments package from LikelyLike. The experience of our past clients has shown that combining paid Facebook likes with comments, followers, video views, etc. provides a much better overall result.

We only need a link to the post, photo or video where you want the likes to appear to complete your order. We will never ask for your Facebook login or password!

No, getting paid Facebook likes on posts, photos and videos is absolutely safe if you purchase from LikelyLike. Our unique manual delivery technology ensures that paid likes purchased from us are impossible to tell apart from real likes even for Facebook itself. Plus, we use effective marketing strategies to maximize the benefits paid US and worldwide Facebook likes bring to your account.

Yes! You can purchase a larger package of likes to get a better price and then spread out those likes between multiple Facebook posts or photos. Just message our customer service representative through the website or send us an email at . You can also purchase separate like packages for each post.

LikelyLike sells real Facebook likes, comments, followers, friends, fans, etc. On this page, you can purchase likes from real Facebook users for any post, photo or video in your profile.

Facebook ads are a popular alternative to paid likes but they have one major disadvantage - price. Sure, you can purchase as many ads on Facebook as necessary to get to your target number of likes on posts and photos. But it’s not going to be cheap, as the CPC of Facebook ads is 0.27 cents on average and only a fraction of those people will leave a like. Therefore, buying Facebook likes instead of ads can save you thousands of dollars.

No, your profile will not be in any danger of getting banned if you purchase likes, comments or followers from LikelyLike. We can state this with absolute certainty because we deliver each like manually using real Facebook user accounts. Therefore, you are not violating any Facebook rules or policies by buying paid US likes from LikelyLike. In fact, nobody can even find out that you bought likes unless you tell them - your followers and friends will simply think that you ran a successful marketing campaign. LikelyLike has been on the market for many years and in those years none of our clients have been banned or penalized for using our services.

LikelyLike has strict privacy policies in place to protect your information to ensure that nobody can ever find out that you’ve bought Facebook likes. Paid likes from LikelyLike look 100% identical to likes from real users to ensure that.

How quickly your entire order of likes will be delivered depends on the number of likes you’ve purchased. Our goal is to minimize the delivery time and add likes to your account as quickly as possible. For the majority of orders, you will start seeing new likes on your posts 2 hours after placing the order. However, in rare cases when we are processing a large number of orders at the same time, it may take us up to 8 hours to begin delivering likes.

LikelyLike can deliver paid Facebook likes to any photo, video or post in your Facebook profile. The only requirement is for the post privacy settings to be set to Public. If your profile has any age or location restrictions on people who can view your posts, these should also be removed before placing an order.

When browsing Facebook through the mobile app, you simply need to locate the post, photo or video in question, press the ‘Share’ button located below the post and tap ‘Copy Link’. If you’re using your computer browser to access Facebook, you will need to right-click the timestamp near the photo or post and press ‘Copy Link Address’.