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Facebook friends vs followers
If you’re new to the platform, it’s easy to become confused about the differences between Facebook
friends and followers. However, it’s important to learn the difference if you want to
build a successful Facebook presence.
Facebook friends are people that you know in real life
You can tag them in photos and posts, see their location, updates and comment on their posts while they can comment on yours.
There’s a limit on how many Facebook friends you can have
You can’t have more than 5,000 Facebook friends and all the friends are also your followers by default. You can ‘unfollow’ a profile without losing your Facebook friendship status.
Facebook followers are people who are subscribed to receive updates about your new posts
Followers can’t see the personal information in your profile and can only comment on your posts if your profile’s settings allow it.
The number of followers is unlimited
A person can become your follower by clicking one button but they can’t become your friend unless you approve their friend request
Should I buy friend requests or followers?

It’s best to buy both paid Facebook followers and friends.

Sure, buying followers is more convenient than buying friends - you don’t need to manually accept each request. However, if you have just a handful of friends and lots of followers, then other Facebook users and the Facebook algorithm might become suspicious of your account.

LikelyLike allows you to buy real followers and friends on Facebook at a cheap price to help you avoid this situation.

We gradually add followers to your account to avoid raising suspicions with the Facebook algorithm.

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