Garshick explains. The formula encourages collagen production for a smoother, plumper look to the skin.Key ingredients: Granactive retinoid, vitamin B3, AHASize: 6.76 fl. oz. Amazon rating: 4.2 5 starsOur expert says: When I was bleach blonde, this product saved my hair. Maria hallmark Book Tote offers an original take on elegance. The refined style showcases an iconic blue Oblique embroidery and calfskin. We always knew that the moment I got engaged she would be the one to make me my dress. So, I sat down with her and her lovely team and we came up with inspiration together, it was so special to actually create something that would make me feel the most beautiful and unique. As someone who loves summer I cant lie Im bummed about it coming to an end. But since my birthday is in October and I love a good Halloween party, I guess I can get in the mood for fall. The London based glass artist creates objects with a surreal, almost melted look. Her pieces that look like drinking glasses are my favorite, a calla lilyndash;shaped vessel perfect for martinis or a warped wine glass that itself looks like its had a few drinks. As a Brooklyn resident, when Im grabbing coffee on the weekends, the go to look is something a little bit more casual, fashionable, but with an effortlessness. Now, a decade into my tenure, there are five women in particular who I find myself drawn to for their personal style.Theyre the quintessential New York icon, Sevigny, on my list, but Ive also scouted women who may be a little bit less on the radar, for now including fashion industry peers like Vogues Naomi Elizeacute;e. 31 Luxe Looking Home Gifts for Your Fashion Friend Im at the age where everyone I know is finally moving out of their college apartments and, for the first time in their lives, stepping into the scary real estate world. Whether youre in your hometown or an overwhelming urban metropolis, chances are you have several friends starting to rent or buy their first real adult apartments or houses.Although shopping for home deacute;cor and furnishings is quite personal, you most likely have pride in surrounding yourself with a ton of stylish, chic friends whose personal sense of interior design matches their cool taste in fashion. It like having your cake but not making it a daily activity, says Levine. It doesnt have to be done every day or in excess, but there is nothing wrong with wearing a fabulous pair of heels. This tote bag with timeless charm, a re edition of an archive design, sums up codes in a sophisticated and pragmatic silhouette. The style with clean lines is made of Re Nylon, an innovative regenerated nylon fabric that is the sustainable evolution of a distinctive material of the brand. Some may call this an outdated rule, but Im a sucker for tradition, and I absolutely love a crisp all white outfit this time of year.Inspired by Wimbledon dress code, I decided to round up some easy outfit ideas that feature white from head to toe. One laid back look includes an oversize T shirt and extra baggy jeans, while another showcases a top and Golden Goose Shoes Sale skirt matching set that decidedly more polished.