What is a bait bet?

A bait bet (betting trap) or a "bait" from bookmakers is how bookmakers adjust/change the initial odds in the last minutes of the match.

This is done to balance the bets, directing players to bet on riskier odds and minimizing losses for the bookmakers in case the players win.

If players bet on these odds, the bookmakers usually lose and have to pay out money.

For example: In the FA Cup match between Manchester United vs Liverpool (on 25/01), the game was extremely tense with continuous goals for both teams.

By the 58th minute of the match, the score was 2 – 2, and MU was playing slightly better than the Anfield home team, leading to a goal by Bruno Fernandes in the 78th minute.

From then on, Liverpool was forced to push forward to find an equalizing goal and aggressively attacked. Taking advantage of the turnaround in the game, the bookmakers in this case would often bait players by changing to higher odds/more favorable bets for Liverpool.

Those who tend to think about a Liverpool comeback would often be lured into these bets, leading to a loss.

The purpose of creating these bait bets is to generate more profit for the bookmakers.

Therefore, bookmakers will create many clever tricks and it's very difficult to detect them in order to deceive players. If you are a new player or lose your composure, not staying calm, then you will be very likely to lose your bet.

How to recognize a “bait” bet from bookmakers

To develop a sensible strategy for betting on football odds and to easily avoid the "bait" bets offered by bookmakers, you should take note of buy soccer tips to recognize bait bets:

Have a solid understanding of the odds

The first step is to proactively update yourself with betting odds from various reputable bookmakers, which requires effort but is worth the investment.

You will have to compare the information you have researched with the odds to see if they match the game. If you find the odds unreasonable or the betting amount too high, it's better not to place a bet.

Professional bettors will surely know how to calculate. However, newcomers should also be aware to avoid falling into traps by disreputable bookmakers.

With matches where bookmakers offer high bets, the likelihood of losing is also higher.

Observe the odds movement

Each bookmaker will have different odds, so you need to catch the timing of the odds release from different bookmakers to avoid unusual changes.

If the odds change drastically, there's a high chance it's a bait bet.

Certainly, before each match, bookmakers will make adjustments to maximize their profits. The purpose of this is to trap players into betting on a certain outcome.

This helps bookmakers balance the bets and gain more profit. However, if you notice the bait and detect it in time, this becomes an advantage for you.

Therefore, players need to know how to protect themselves and make wise decisions!

Pay attention to detailed information of each match

Players should be cautious about the bets before placing them. If the bet does not have clear information, it's better not to place it, or if a bet has unusually high odds, don't be tempted as this could be a psychological trick used by bookmakers to lure players.

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One important thing to note is that every bet will include the names of the two teams; you need to research detailed information about the two teams in the bet to know the strength of each team. Know which team is stronger, what the lineup looks like.

This will lead you to a more objective and accurate decision for your bet. This is an effective way to avoid bait bets.

When participating in any bet, players also need to be clear about the rules, bookmaker odds, and different types of bets in each match.

You should also reset the odds table before the match takes place and then compile all the related information of the match. Doing this helps players recognize bait bets faster.

To effectively avoid bait bets, you should choose a reputable football betting bookmaker. These should be large, long-established, reputable bookmakers.

Usually, only unscrupulous bookmakers resort to bait bets to deceive players.

Be cautious with unusually attractive bets

Typically, one of the most common tactics that scam bookmakers use to trap players is offering unusually attractive odds.

Just a few adjustments to some parameters can lead a large number of inexperienced football bettors to place bets, and right before the match is about to end, they will change the odds quickly, just like an ex turning their back on you.

However, in such rare situations, as a player, there's not much you can do because if they have already employed this tactic, complaining or exposing them won’t make a difference.

Beware of being tricked by HOT Girls

This baiting tactic has only appeared recently, where when you download dating apps, there will be beautiful women from Taiwan or Korea who initiate contact with you, wanting to find a lover.

The catch is that these beauties can send photos, videos, and even meet up to prove they are real. After a while of getting to know you, they will start to trap you by saying they have a spy tip!

They will also show you the history of winning bets from previous rounds (photoshopped), making you believe it's real and thinking you've hit the jackpot, only to be struck down unexpectedly.

Be wary of numerous “herding” articles

Of course, if you are a professional in the field, you will likely join at least one sports or football discussion group.

At this point, you will easily find many “herding” articles about attractive bets, supposedly reviewed by real players.

However, most of these articles are just a form of “seeding” aimed at luring the naive into betting, and if you're not careful, your money might vanish quickly.

Great tips to avoid bait bets and place accurate bets

As mentioned above, "bait" bets or trap bets are one of the methods bookmakers use to maximize profits and minimize the risk of losses.

In other words, bookmakers will try to lure players into dangerous bets, reverse the betting situation, or play on the psychology of the player and entice them to place bets at odds that the bookmaker desires.

However, if you want to bet safely without falling into the bookmaker's "bait" traps, you can follow some of the advice below:

Keep a cool head, a rational perspective, and a stable mindset to accurately observe and gather information about the match you want to bet on. This is a fundamental step that helps you secure your bet and reduce the risk of losing.

Invest time to compile the odds provided by the bookmaker. You need to understand the betting odds and the odds' changes before the match starts to avoid the bookmaker's traps and bet safely.

Analyze the tricks and ways that bookmakers set traps for players. Typically, when setting odds, bookmakers will use some tricks to affect the player's psychology, making them confused and bet on the odds that the bookmaker desires. Therefore, keep a cool head and prioritize your own judgments to avoid falling into the bookmaker's bait.

Try to gather as much information as possible before the match about health, form, head-to-head records, injury status, line-ups, schedule, etc., to grasp the situation of the teams, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each team. From there, you can make your own judgments and place accurate bets.

Bet at the right time. Try to capture everything accurately before the match starts or a few minutes after the match has begun. At this time, the information and odds are relatively stable, and changes in odds are easier to spot. This will give you a basis for more accurate betting.

Typically, bookmakers will try to balance the odds during the official match time, and this is also a trap by the bookmakers to limit losses. Therefore, if you have analyzed the odds, avoid those flickering odds in the last minutes of the match, as they are high-risk bets designed to play on the player's psychology and cause confusion.

For example, there are some matches where you analyze and place bets. However, towards the end of the match, the handicap drops to ¼ or the bet amount increases. Most of these will be bait bets designed to exploit the psychology of players, and you should be cautious and stay away from these bets.

There is a private group to verify information. Typically, if you're alone, you're very susceptible to being influenced by strangers, making it hard to find reliable sources of information and easy to succumb to "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out).

At this point, having a private group of friends and relatives will help you analyze whether a bet is promising and has a high chance of winning if you decide to go for it.

These are the insights we've shared about avoiding "trap" or "bait" bets from bookmakers when betting on football.

We hope you have gathered some useful information for safe betting and securing wins when participating in football betting! For more insights and tips, consider visiting Wintips for soccer prediction 100 win gratuit, free of charge.