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How does it work?
Select the product and location of accounts
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Enter your email address so we can send you information about your order
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Which Facebook likes can you buy on this page?

Mostly from users in Asian
countries and India.


Initialization 1-4 house after

Likes start coming in 1-4 hours
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Speed: 300-500 per day.

VIP mixed
VIP mixed

Europe, Australia, Canada, USA

100% real-looking.

Initialization 1-4 hours after

Likes start coming in 2-12 hours after

Speed: 50-150 per day.


USA users only.

Unique IP addresses.

Initialization 1-4 hours after

Likes start coming in 2-12 hours
after payment.

Speed: 50-150 per day.

Absolutely, all the likes and followers LikelyLike sells come from real Facebook accounts. In fact, we are one of the few websites that actually sell real likes and followers, as most other services use bots to give you fake followers, fans and likes instead of real ones. On the other hand, each social media profile that we use to deliver your services is created manually and filled out to look just like all the other profiles. This means that your paid followers will have full bios, profile pictures, posts and friends. Moreover, all our accounts are specific to a certain part of the world, allowing you to buy likes from American users, accounts located in Europe, Australia and Canada or worldwide accounts.

A lot of so-called ‘experts’ online claim that buying Facebook likes and followers is useless. However, they are completely wrong - paid Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social signals give you a terrific opportunity to give a quick boost to your social media account but only if you pick the right seller. For instance, LikelyLike is virtually the only website that uses only real accounts to deliver likes and followers almost instantly to your social media accounts. To make our paid Facebook likes identical to organic ones, we create each profile manually, meticulously fill out all the information and complete the profile, and finally visit your page and manually press the ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ button on your page.

The difference between page likes and followers on Facebook

There are so many types of relationships between profiles on Facebook that it’s easy to get confused. But don’t worry, we’re here to clear things up! Essentially, each person who likes your page on Facebook adds another user to the number of page likes in your account and becomes your Facebook fan. At the same time, Facebook followers are people who have subscribed to see all your new posts in their newsfeed and be updated on what you’re doing on the platform.

Does the number of Facebook followers and page likes have to be equal?

The numbers of followers and page likes your Facebook page has can be equal to each other but in most cases, they are not. This is because when someone manually likes your Facebook page, they automatically begin following it. However, the person can also unfollow the page without taking away their page like.

Since LikelyLike uses a manual delivery process, when you buy page likes from us you will automatically get the same number of followers free of charge. On the other hand, other websites that use bots and software sell page likes and followers separately, making you pay twice.

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